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Our valuable Site Visitors, Customers and Members


As ________________________ (“Sorci and Fofa” and/or “Company”) we attach great importance on processing of personal data of you, our site visitors, members and customers (hereinafter referred to as the “Relevant Person(s)”) pursuant to Personal Data Protection Law (“the Law”) nr: 6698 and to ensure data security. In this regard, we take any and all technical and administrative actions required to ensure legal processing and protection of all types of personal data related with all real persons associated with Sorci and Fofa within the scope of the law. Personal Data are processed pursuant to Law and other relevant legislation in the scope of the circumstances set forth hereinafter. Real persons whose data is processed under the law may examine this clarification text and obtain information related with your rights as to what are the personal data collected by Sorci and Fofa as data controller, aims for processing, persons to whom they may be transmitted, collection method and legal causes.




Information related with your shopping, whether or not realised, including but not limited to Name, surname, e-mail address, mail address (home and / or business), telephone number, fax number, mobile phone number, date of birth, TR Identity nr, gender information, bank account information, IBAN code, marital status, your shopping history and payment method, marketing and communication preferences, location data, inspected products, product subject of shopping, amount data




Provided you approve, we may submit to you updates and proposals for our products and campaigns with direct marketing methods (for ex: telephone, e-mail, SMS, social network, mail)

When you are contacted in the scope of e-mail, message or other direct marketing activities, you will always be granted an option to “log out”.  You may contact us anytime and amend your marketing preferences. Pursuant to Law Concerning Regulation of Electronic Trade nr: 6563, records related with withdrawal of approval will be maintained for a period of 1 year and all types of record related with the content of the commercial electronic message and shipment shall be maintained for a period of 3 years to be submitted to the relevant ministry.

Upon expiry of the given period, your personal data shall be erased, destroyed or anonymised by Sorci and Fofa or upon your request.




Information requested in the payment page regarding your credit card are, under no circumstances, retained in the servers of or its service supplier companies with an aim  to keep safety of our valued customers’ shopping from our site at the highest level.




Information entered into the system by relevant persons may solely be accessed by relevant persons and such data may solely be amended by relevant persons. It is impossible for others to have access to and amend such data.

Your data are, under no circumstances, transmitted to third persons without your approval under the scope of the aforementioned matters, laws, sanctions, our confidentiality policy and responsibilities.

Nonetheless, your data are shared with courts and other public institutions as required by our legal obligations and restricted by applicable laws.




Your personal data are specifically used for below purposes:


  • To communicate with and provide required information to our customers related with the terms and conditions, current status and updates for the agreements executed under the Consumer Protection Law and Distant Contracts Regulation.
  • To perform the obligations assumed pursuant to agreements executed under the Consumer Protection Law and Distant Contracts Regulation
  • To provide guidance related with the products our customers may be interested taking into consideration shopping experiences of our customers and to furnish them with information concerning our campaigns.
  • To enhance customer satisfaction, to familiarize with our customers shopping from the website and / or mobile applications and sue them for customer environment analysis and various advertising and marketing activities and in this regard to organise questionnaires in the electronic and/or physical environment through contracted ınstitutions
  • To assess customer complaints and recommendations with regards to our services
  • To fulfil our legal obligations and exercise our rights due to applicable legislation




Sorci and Fofa believes the explicit consent obtained is one of the most significant confidentiality principles. You shall be entitled not to disclose your personal data to us or our other business partners. However in this case, it shall not be possible for you to have access to some parts of our website and receive any communications from us or prospective services. For some certain communications and services, we have your explicit permission verified before we start offering you the services requested. In case you wish to terminate such communications and services offered by us, you may amend your preferences in our website or in case we forward an e-mail, you may click the link available in each e-mail for cancellation of membership related with such specific services or distributions and/or you may text an SMS to the number given in the SMS send to you.





As Sorci and Fofa, where we obtain personal data directly from individuals, we notify such persons for the purpose and usage period of collected information and options and tools, if any, and offer the individuals options related with the restriction of use and disclosure of personal data.

When we require information from individuals, our notices are made with a clear and simple language. Sorci and Fofa shall not use, share or disclose such information for a purpose other than the purpose notified when they were first collected.




As the personal data owner, you have the right to apply Sorci and Fofa and i) learn whether or not your personal data are processed ii) if so, request information in respect thereof iii) learn the purpose of processing of your personal data and whether or not they are used in conformity with the intended purpose iv) to know the persons to whom your personal data are transferred in and outside the country v) in case your personal data are processed incompletely or incorrectly, then to request restoration thereof vi) to request erasure or destruction of your personal data under the scope of the conditions set forth in art. 7 of the law vii) in the event of a request for the erasure, correction or destruction of your personal data, then to request third persons to whom your personal data were transmitted be made aware of such action taken viii) to raise an objection for any outcome to arise against you upon the analysis of your processed personal data through automatic systems and ix) to require compensation of your loss and damage, if any, you suffer due to illegal processing of your personal data


You may communicate your requests related with exercising of above mentioned rights by means of an e-mail message send to our company through the e-*mail address: ………………………………………………..


Your applications will be finalised free of charge, as soon as possible or at the latest within thirty days, depending on the nature of your request however you shall be required to pay a fee according to tariff specified by Personal Data Protection Board in case your request results with a separate cost.




This Confidentiality Policy may be periodically reviewed and revised. Upon using our website, you agree in advance and understand that we have the right to amend this Confidentiality Policy without notice and we will publish such amendments in this page so as to allow you be aware of information types collected, how we use such information and under which conditions we shall disclose such information. We shall publish the latest date of updating of this Confidentiality Policy on our website. We recommend you to also visit our Confidentiality Policy page each time you visit our website and be aware of all such amendments.


Latest Date of Update: 20.05.2021